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Jul 10 2007

New RSS Feed

Tangible is now using Feedburner for it’s RSS feed.

For now, the old feed will still work, but in a month I’m going to turn it off, so now is a good time to switch your subscription over to Feedburner.

Just click on the RSS icon to the right and add the new feed to your reader!

May 01 2007

A New Design!

I’ve renovated the site with a slick new design.

I was inspired by by the layouts on Alessandro Fulciniti’s Nifty Corners Cube web site. In fact, I used his handy javascripts to make all these nice round corners without any images.

Hope you like the new design!

Mar 14 2007

Hello Again!

I’ve decided to resurrect this site, and start posting again.

I know, I know, it’s been months, you thought I’d disappeared into the aether, never to be seen again…..but here I am!

I’m going to be starting with a series about good programming practices, so stay tuned!

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Feb 11 2006

Welcome to Tangible: Life and Tech


I am really excited about this project.

I am going to be bringing you stories on technology, programming, gadgets, getting by in the work place, and a little bit of life hacking too.

I’ve got some great posts lined up and I think you’ll all really enjoy them.