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Sep 12 2008

Linux Launchy has arrived!

One of the few things that’s really been holding me back from switching my home desktop machine from Vista to some flavor of Linux was that Launchy, a program I use all the time, was only available on Windows.

But no more! A Linux version of Launchy has been released.

I’m going to get it set up on my EeePC first and then make the switch to Linux on my desktop machine.

Get Launchy

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Jun 19 2008


If you’re a command line junkie and haven’t visited Goosh, you’re missing out.

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Jun 17 2008

Firefox 3 - Quick Impressions

  • It was a little slow to load, but page load time seems faster.
  • I switched to the small icon set. The big forward/back buttons were way too big for my tastes.
  • The page text feels crisper.
  • Lots of my favorite extensions, including Firebug, haven’t been updated to work with FF3 yet, which makes me a sad panda.
  • Love, love, love the new “remember this password” and bookmarking UIs.
  • I think I like the Awesome bar…but it’s just so…so…different. It’ll take some time to really be sure.

Haven’t got Firefox 3 yet? The servers have re-grouped after the massive traffic attack from this morning at release time, so go get Firefox 3 now!

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Jul 19 2007

Apps - Process Explorer

When a file is in use by another program wouldn’t it be nice to know what program it is instead of randomly shutting down applications until you find the right one?

Well, today’s your lucky day.

Download the Windows SysInternals Process Explorer program and save it somewhere sensible like C:\ProcessExplorer\ There’s no installer, so where you save it is where you’ll be running it from.

Run the application, then go to Find -> Find Handle or DLL… and then type in the filename for the file that’s being used by another program.

Click search, and you’ll get a list of applications that are accessing the file.

Now you know which application you need to close to make changes to your file.

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Mar 15 2007

Evolution Mail - Today's Accidental Discovery

If you use Evolution as your email app, and like your messages threaded, Ctrl-T will toggle threads on and off.

Sep 09 2006

Apps - MindMyCuppa

MindMyCuppa - Screenshot

If you’re like me, and you like tea, you’ve probably encountered the same problem I have.

While working on my computer, I realize that I really fancy a cup of tea. So I boil the kettle, put a tea bag in the tea pot, and set it next to me while I continue to work.

20 minutes later I realize that the tea is still steeping and has become entirely too tannic and bitter for my tastes.

After having chucked umpteen cups of oversteeped tea, I decided to do something about it.

Enter MindMyCuppa to save the day…or at least the tea.

Pick your tea, pick your prefered strength, and start steeping. MindMyCuppa will pop up and let you know when it’s time to stop steepin’ and start sippin’.

[Edit: The problems are all fixed, so you can try it now!]

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Aug 14 2006

It's not you, it's me...

If you downloaded MindMyCuppa and it wouldn’t run for you, I’m sorry.

It’s not you, it’s me. I forgot to include the image files in the compile, so it’s all busted right now.

A new, image-inclusive version will be put up tonight, so you can all save your tea from bitterness!

Aug 07 2006

Apps - Universal Autocorrect with Helper

Today, LifeHacker posted about Jim Biancolo’s Universal Autocorrect script

I wanted to be able to add my own personal misspellings on the fly, without having to edit the script, so I mashed together the HotString Helper script with Jim’s script.

Download the script

Feel free to modify/improve this script. It was mashed together pretty quickly.

Edit: To use this script, you need to install AutoHotKey It’s free, so go for it!

Additionally Edited to add:

Oh yeah, how to use it!

Jim’s code will replace common misspellings on the fly. To add your own misspellings, hilight the misspelled word and then press Win+H. A message box will pop up and ask you to add the correct spelling to the HotString. After you click OK, the script reloads itself and your new misspelled word entry should work!

If you make a mistake, just edit the script, scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see a section that lists all of your custom entries. Make your correction, save and reload the script.

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Feb 23 2006

Apps - Wisdom-soft Screenhunter

In my job, I often have to take screenshots. Lots and lots of screenshots.

My favorite tool for the job is ScreenHunter from Wisdom-Soft

The free version is really, actually free…both for personal and business use. And it works really well.

I really like that there’s an option to prevent your cursor from ever showing up in a capture.