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Tangible: Linux Launchy has arrived!
Sep 12 2008

Linux Launchy has arrived!

One of the few things that’s really been holding me back from switching my home desktop machine from Vista to some flavor of Linux was that Launchy, a program I use all the time, was only available on Windows.

But no more! A Linux version of Launchy has been released.

I’m going to get it set up on my EeePC first and then make the switch to Linux on my desktop machine.

Get Launchy

  1. But why not to use default gnome or kde default command bar [Alt+F2] (I always forget how it’s called >))?
    Or am I missed something?

    Vii    Sep 14, 11:03 PM    #
  2. Actually, there has been a similiar app for Linux, Gnome Do, since very long. Don’t let the name mislead you, it works even on other WMs.

    evoL    Sep 16, 10:07 AM    #
  3. Got it. Thanks for the link. I’ve installed Lauchy this very moment. It’s so sleek. I like it. Want to share a comparison –

    ajabogado    Sep 16, 10:46 AM    #
  4. Not sure if it has all of the functionality, take a look at KDE’s katapult, also:

    Comes installed by default on Kubuntu.

    Keep in mind that they were all inspired by QuickSilver for OSX:

    Andrey Fedorov    Sep 19, 09:12 AM    #
  5. I used change vista’s start menu to use the old school style until after I read this post and installed launchy.

    After using launchy for a day though I discovered vista’s new start menu did the exact same thing and got rid of it (not saying launchy is bad or anything, just saying I really don’t see the need for it on vista).

    I now use vista’s new start menu deligently – not to browse for apps, but as my launchy.

    mrlami    May 8, 04:51 PM    #

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