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Tangible: Firefox 3 - Quick Impressions
Jun 17 2008

Firefox 3 - Quick Impressions

  • It was a little slow to load, but page load time seems faster.
  • I switched to the small icon set. The big forward/back buttons were way too big for my tastes.
  • The page text feels crisper.
  • Lots of my favorite extensions, including Firebug, haven’t been updated to work with FF3 yet, which makes me a sad panda.
  • Love, love, love the new “remember this password” and bookmarking UIs.
  • I think I like the Awesome bar…but it’s just so…so…different. It’ll take some time to really be sure.

Haven’t got Firefox 3 yet? The servers have re-grouped after the massive traffic attack from this morning at release time, so go get Firefox 3 now!

  1. “Lots of my favorite extensions, including Firebug, haven’t been updated to work with FF3 yet, which makes me a sad panda.”

    Not true!

    JeffG    Jun 17, 06:20 PM    #
  2. Did you hit up one of the FF3 release parties?

    Quotation    Jun 17, 09:16 PM    #
  3. Lots of neat things in FF3, but one major annoyance. I have multiple FF profiles, and I have Flock, Netscape, and Seamonkey installed as well. I wanted them all to use the same bookmarks file.

    Pre-FF3, that was easy. Create a file called user.js in the profile directory for the browser. If user.js exists, the browsers read it, and things specified in it override the default settings.

    User.js has one line:
    user_pref(“browser.bookmarks.file”, “D:\\Mozilla\\Bookmarks\\Dennis McCunney\\bookmarks.html”);

    I copied it into every profile directory. All browsers read it, and used the bookmarks file it points to.

    FF3 replaces bookmarks.html with places.sqlite, and does not provide a means of specifying where it lives. This has been complained about, but the Mozilla devs classify it as a WONTFIX.

    Under WinXP Pro, NTFS5 supports hard links, so I used a freeware tool to create links to the desired file in each FF3 profile. Hard links can’t span file systems, so the file must be on the same drive. Symbolic links might work, but those are only supported under Windows in Vista.

    FF3 does have a preference to force export of places.sqlite to a bookmarks.html file, and that will be created where the user.js file specifies, so if I do open an instance of one of the other browsers, it will see the current set of bookmarks.

    DMcCunney    Jul 8, 09:53 AM    #

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