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Tangible: I <3 my EeePC
Mar 06 2008

I <3 my EeePC

About a month ago I picked up an EeePC off of Craigslist and I’ve fallen completely in love with it.

It’s a 4G Pearl EeePC, with the standard 7inch screen that was upgraded to 2G of ram by the fellow who sold it to me.

To all you girl-geeks out there, if you’re looking for a computer that fits in your purse, this is it. It also attracts a lot of attention and comments. When I went through security at the airport a couple of weeks ago, the baggage handlers were shocked it was a real computer, wanted to know how much it was and where they could get one.

I’ve been happy using the default Xandros OS, and have found it very easy to use and have even done a bit of telecommuting work with it with no issue. A quick Ctrl-Alt-T and I’m command-line mode and editing in vi.

I’ve only got two complaints:

  1. I can’t connect to my office’s secure wireless network because the key is too long.
  2. The Shift and Page Up keys really ought to be switched. I can’t count the number of times I’ve hit Page Up in the middle of typing something.

There’s not much I can do about the too-long wireless key, but there are instructions online on how to swap the Shift and Page Up keys on the EeePC

  1. Well, you can get them to change the key to something sane, right? I hate that key!

    JeffG    Mar 6, 06:14 PM    #
  2. Damn, I’m so waiting for the 9” to go out.

    damog    Mar 8, 10:01 AM    #

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