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Tangible: PuTTY plugin for Launchy v2.0
Jan 03 2008

PuTTY plugin for Launchy v2.0

I’ve written in the past about how much I like Launchy and all the wonderful plugins that are available for it, so it’s no surprise that I upgraded to v2.0 as soon as it was released.

This broke one of my favorite Launchy plugins, the PuTTY Launchy plugin by Matthew Cowell.

Happily, he’s since released a beta version of a v2.0 compatible PuTTY plugin. I just installed it, and it works wonderfully.

What’s my favorite part about the plugin? The option to recognize the hosts you’ve saved in your PuTTY config as Launchy keywords.

Try it for yourself!

Get Launchy
Get the PuTTY plugin for Launchy.

  1. Thanks. Hey why is it so hard to track down launchy plugins. Why cant there be a plugin directory like Firefox has? Can you recommend any other plugins for someone getting started?

    Joe    Aug 28, 09:43 PM    #
  2. thank you i just found launchy after coming back to pc from apple and i’m in love so much with having that concept available.

    james    Jan 17, 12:45 AM    #

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