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Tangible: Apps - Universal Autocorrect with Helper
Aug 06 2006

Apps - Universal Autocorrect with Helper

Today, LifeHacker posted about Jim Biancolo’s Universal Autocorrect script

I wanted to be able to add my own personal misspellings on the fly, without having to edit the script, so I mashed together the HotString Helper script with Jim’s script.

Download the script

Feel free to modify/improve this script. It was mashed together pretty quickly.

Edit: To use this script, you need to install AutoHotKey It’s free, so go for it!

Additionally Edited to add:

Oh yeah, how to use it!

Jim’s code will replace common misspellings on the fly. To add your own misspellings, hilight the misspelled word and then press Win+H. A message box will pop up and ask you to add the correct spelling to the HotString. After you click OK, the script reloads itself and your new misspelled word entry should work!

If you make a mistake, just edit the script, scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see a section that lists all of your custom entries. Make your correction, save and reload the script.

  1. Thanks for this ;)

    Brandon Erik Bertelsen    Aug 12, 07:21 PM    #
  2. Hey, this is really cool.
    I just afraid that I’ll be dependent on it. XD

    I also have to say thanks for this to you.

    DoDo    Sep 16, 05:57 AM    #
  3. Thanks, this is really cool!

    Nav    Mar 28, 09:08 PM    #

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